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(0) Why Is Palladium More Expensive than Gold?

Currently, palladium is among the four most precious metals in the world, and its low supply has driven its price way up.

Palladium, which is used in pollution control devices in cars and trucks, has doubled in value in the last two years, and has surpassed even gold in price.

What Is Pall...

(0) Why Have Precious Metals Retained Their Value Over Time?

Precious metals have long been considered as a source of value and revenue. Over the centuries, many wars have been fought to gain access to the precious metals, and many people have lost their lives in this way. All this shows that precious metals have always been of significant importance. One o...

(0) Why Are Swiss Watches So Expensive?

Wristwatches are accessories that are not only practical but also a fantastic tool to complete your style of clothing. Thy can be a symbol of personality and discipline at work for anybody as well.

Among the numerous watches, there are luxury brands that produce very glamorous watches with so man...

(0) Renewable Energy Will Be a Key Factor in the Outlook for Precious Metals in 2021

Overall, precious metals were very successful in 2020, and they are expected to keep this progress in 2021 since they are backed by an all-out effort of the U.S and some other countries to move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Gold bullion had the best year since 2010 with more than 25% ...

(0) Gold Investment, Why Is It a Good Idea?

You may have this question in your mind that why do people invest in gold? What makes it so special?

Of course, gold is special. Everyone recognizes it for its golden and shiny look. We all know gold as a precious metal. It has been a popular investment for centuries. For many years, gold was...

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